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Barqat Long Grain Biryani Rice

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Barqat long grain biryani rice is a variety of Basmati rice, grown in the foot hills of Himalayas, which is the longest grain with a highest elongation ratio, guaranteed to be the fluffiest and most eye appealing rice in the world


The signature of an authentic Biryani is the length of the grain. When the centerpiece is Biryani / Pulav, the grains need to be slender and lustrous. On an average every grain of Barqat Biryani Rice elongates to 15-16 mm when cooked. The perfect choice for a celebration, it makes a sumptuous Biryani / pulav. The delicious taste, slender grains and pure white appearance make every dish a master from simple peas pulav to exotic recipes, guaranteed to earn you many compliments.


Barqat Biryani Rice enhances the perfect Biryani / pulav. Throughout the history rice has been on royal menus of various cultures as the main dish. From the pilav of Turkey, to polou of Persia, pilafs of the Steppes and paellas of the Mediterranean, to the pulau of India it has been served to great Sultans, Maharajahs, Nawabs and Emperors. Spices, nuts, dried fruits, vegetables and herbs all cooked together with Barqat Basmati rice transform rice dishes into extraordinary meals. Every dish you create turns into a gourmet delight . This versatile and long, fine grain rice has the perfect texture for a flavoured Biryani / pulav / fried rice, everyday steamed rice or even a creamy kheer - all fit for a family’s feast .


Rich in nutrients and natural fibre , Barqat Biryani Rice is the ultimate rice for a healthy lifestyle.


Available in 4.5 Kg, 9 Kg and 20 Kg