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We are one of the leading exporters of Wheat flour. With an expiry of 9 months our 1st export to U.K was in Feb. 2013 and since than our brand, SARRA – a royal blend of quality, tradition & trust, has become a house hold name U.K and is getting a very positive response from the markets in E U. Our panel of experts procures wheat from trusted vendors in the market. Available in various packing options, this flour is grinded by using supreme quality of wheat grains sourced primarily from M.P- India, which is known for its quality the world over.

We specialize in Wheat Flour and other related products of highest quality such as Gram flour (Besan), Samolina , Maida, Daliya, Poha. Although we have started very recently, we are getting a tremendous response from all our buyers due to high quality of the products offered, timely deliveries and the most competitive prices.



Sarra chakki fresh atta/flour is made from the best quality wheat grains, which are selected and hygienically processed to ensure best taste and nourishment. Sarra Chakki fresh atta/flour is created out of an automatic pneumatic process where the grains are crushed through six tiers of slow grinding resulting in the atta/flour retaining maximum nutritional value and freshness. From manufacturing to packing the Atta/flour is untouched by hands thus ensuring the highest hygiene standards.


The Dough made from Sarra Chakki fresh atta/flour absorbs more water resulting in rotis / breads remaining softer and tender for longer, and the dough does not turn black even after hours under normal condition.

Sarra chaki fresh Atta has a longer shelf life and has no added flavour or preservatives. Free from impurities, Sarra chaki fresh atta is high on nutritional value. This means you serve soft, fluffy rotis that will be relished by one and all.

Sarra Chakki fresh Atta/flour is positioned as an easy-to-digest chakki atta/flour



Factually since majority of the purchase decisions are made in the retail outlet. We are also aware of the fact that after product, price, placement and promotion, Packaging is the fifth element, which holds the maximum importance in the marketing of a product and thus we have ensured that the product is very attractively and hygienically packed so as to grab the attention of the buyers.

Highest standards of quality are ensured in packing this superior quality atta / flour into best food grade three layered, very attractive LDPE packs to preserve maximum freshness and nutritive value.

Sarra chakki fresh atta / flour is available in 5 Kg and 10 kg packaging.


Food additives
All Barkat / Sarra products are free from artificial colours , flavorings and preservatives.


Our Motto:

We strive to make Barkat / Sarra a hall-mark of quality, second to none in the global market.